M&M Auto Detailing

A clean car in Edmonton is a hard thing to keep up – who has the time to get that professional clean job every time it gets dirty? M & M Detailing Ltd. will make sure your vehicle comes out sparkling clean while you go about your life duties. We can provide pick up from your home or business to make your life just that much easier!  Call us to bring back that brand new car feeling you had when you brought your car home.

M & M Detailing has two key lines of business: clean vehicles through Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coating. Our Vehicle detailing Service uses eco-friendly options targeting both residential and commercial clients. Our Ceramic Coating Service offers protection for the vehicle’s original paint.

Why Choose M & M Detailing Ltd.?

Our technicians treat your vehicle with expert care. Our fully equipped shop includes everything we need to deep clean and polish your car, truck, suv, boat, or trailer and give it that “just like new” clean.

Our Commitment

M & M Detailing is committed to make your vehicle not just look better but provide you with a healthier more hygienic ride. From disinfected interiors to shiny, like-new exteriors, we optimize the look and feel of your vehicle. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal with every service we provide.